Barfas; Türkiye’nin OT/VT Teknolojileri Markasi



About Us

In the year of 2012 BARFAS automatic technology system was established. We have achieved significant successes in the fields of mainly RIFD system to widespread of followup automation technologies recognition, projection and training in its field


Thanks to this knowledge and experience; we started to produce shipment tracking, stock tracking, access control, staff attendence, check automatic object identification also hardware solutions for image processing as BARFAS AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGY LIMITED COMPANY. With the importance of digitalization  technology in expanding industry 4.0, we target to follow latest innovations. Our company produce UHF RFID, BARCODE, access control, finger print, card readers design software and production in its own brand and moreover BARFAS company targets to add value in the electronic sector in Turkey. By giving importance to research and development on production, we enrich our systems with the new mechanical engineers at the center of production Gaziantep city besides TEKNOPARK at the city of Istanbul. We offer tracking systems facilitate the life of collective living spaces such as factories, buildings, hospitals, hotels and its corporations withn our advanced Project integrators by producing quality solutions primarily in Turkey and nearby countries

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What We Aim?

We are here to access technology which is obtainable as easily applied, easily customabilized, easily produced and to make more easier control of digital jobs of tracking in the aspect of everyday life issues. In accordance with this purpose, we aim to make our domestic company to find a productive- creative hardware solutions in the fields of new automation technology systems.

R&D and Sustainability

As BARFAS company; we create innovative products with design, testing and analysis facilities by the strategies of sustainable growth model. Also this brand has invested huge amounts of efforts to the emerging new technologies in all over the world. With the functioning technical know- how one of our core competencies follow up the advances. Which is our belief is to research and development about RFID leads to investment in all our earnings to the increasing number of engineers day by day.

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