Thanks to the systems developed by RFID technology, you can organize your farm issues day by day. Wouldn’t it be nice to know how many cattle or small ruminants you have in your barn without counting one by one, while you are sitting at your farm?

With RFID labels, you can follow of your animals in your farm or animal pastures, and also check their development instantly.

With our LF (ISO 11784) labels complying with UHF and ICAR standards you can follow up animals without exposing o high damages also you can get approval certification from international organizations.

With UHF RFID Animal Tracking System, you can follow the general status and the characteristics of animals.

The information that obtained as a result of the follow-up of animal tracking system is sent to the center by online and recorded to the center. This leads the animals to be raised more efficiently.

In the process of testing new nutrients, you can determine short and long-term statistical information such as which feed has yielded more yield, which has resulted in less yield.

With long-term records, you can monitor the health status of your animals in a more controlled way and ensure the efficiency and care of the animals.

In this way, you can dispose of your animals with low productivity in terms of profitability of the business.


With UHF RFID Animal Tracking System;

-With the tracking system, you can be sure that you will get the return on your investment in a short time.

-In the livestock sector, valuable data is lost due to the difficulty of measuring data when counting in the farm. With RFID systems that are very easy to install and use, you will not experience such losses.

-For the profitability of your business, you will be able to retrieve data effortlessly from your computer.

-You can perform all kinds of follow-up to health monitoring such as fever of your animals or heart beat disorder.

-How much food your large or small ruminant consumes, how much milk you give, what diseases they have, which treatments are performed and the efficiency of the drugs and you will be able to follow up the productivity of charts specific to each animal with regular reports on a daily, monthly or yearly basis as a result of these conclusions.

Under the BARFAS AUTO ID product range; UHF RFID system which is used in most of the world’s advanced technology level UHF RFID antenna, reader integrates with UHF RFID tags, minimizes the loss in terms of cost and work for the companies having high production capacity and having problems in product input-output.

Barfas AUTO ID system which operates in the field of automatic identification and data collection manufactures of the UHF RFID Tags, UHF RFID antennas and UHF RFID readers.In our brand RFID systems are designed by Turkish engineers use local and national resources. In many cities of Turkey, our products are operated.